Saturday, March 29, 2014

Want to talk Google Earth... or something else...

I'll be here during the Geographical Association conference.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Google Maps Gallery

Google Maps Gallery has just been released, and it provides a lot to interest Google Earth users too.
This post on the Google Earth blog provides more details.

The aim of the gallery is to "help unlock the world's maps".

ArcGIS Online Video

There will be a range of videos added here and some further content relating to ArcGIS Online, as I am using it in conjunction with Google Earth and other tools to explore locations...


Wednesday, March 05, 2014

The slow demise of Google Earth... (?)

I've always called Google Earth the 'killer app for geography teachers'. I've used it every week since it first came out.

Its tremendous visual appeal, coupled with the uses that the community made of it, with additional layers and files meant that it very quickly became the best way to start a lesson with a visual 'wow' impact. This has lessened over time, and it's remarkable how many students still haven't seen their house on it, but it remains a really valuable (and free) tool.

Within a month of the launch, I'd been in touch with the Education Officer at Google at the time, and he was kind enough to let me have a version of Google Earth Pro for a year.

Google Earth offers virtually seamless access to huge amounts of data. For more information on just how great Google Earth is, I recommend reading the final chapter of Jerry Brotton's book 'A History of the World in Twelve Maps'
Over the last few years, a lot of the emphasis for Google has been on their Mapping, and several of the features that might have been developed for Google Earth have instead been diverted to the mapping option.
There was a recent post on the Google Earth Blog by its creator Frank Taylor, which suggested that support for Google Earth might be reducing.
This was also picked up in a post by Richard Treves, who has also made impressive use of Google Earth with university students.
He asked: 'Will educators miss Google Earth' ?
Maybe the next post, on Google Map Gallery will redress some of the balance ?

There's also been a recent update to Frank's original post

Thursday, February 27, 2014

Exploring London - Google Earth may feature...

Delighted to say that I've been awarded one of just two of these awards handed out this year, given out by the Royal Geographical Society, to work on a collaboration jointly with Dr. Benjamin Hennig from the University of Oxford on a project related to the Census of 2011.

Ben is the genius who created the Worldmapper cartograms, and creates maps at Views of the World.
He is now working at one of the finest Geography departments in the world, and it is a real privilege to get the chance to work with him.
Our project is called LondonMapper: exploring a World city through Census Data

The Census 2011 produced billions of pieces of data, and by focussing on London past, present and future we will explore ideas related to London and its place in the world, and guide students on an exploration through the Census data and present them with some decisions that need to be made, which will shape London's future...

Our work will connect with, and expand on the nascent LondonMapper project.

Look out for more new maps like this one

Some more interesting London-based news coming in the next month or so too....

Thursday, February 13, 2014

2014 Winter Olympics

Details here of some Google Earth models and other mapping linked with the current Winter Olympics.

Google Earth Time Zones

A useful resource which is one of several shared by Ted MacKinnon on his website.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Richard Treves' tutorials...

I mentioned Richard's work on the recent Google Earth and Beyond course...

Here's a link to the first video from Richard's course, from which you can probably find the others.
Useful additional material.

Saharan Memorial story...

This story has been in and out of various websites for a while, and I've always meant to do something with it, but never had the time...
I don't have the time now, so this won't be a fully fledged resource just yet, but some readers may be unaware of the story.
Start by heading to Google Earth and type the following co-ordinates (or cut and paste them from here) into the address search box on Google Earth.

16°51′53.748″N 11°57′13.362″E

Now go and read the story on the BBC website.

How would you use the story as ISM (initial stimulus material) for a lesson ?
Which topic would it support ?

Google Earth Function Sheet

How many of these do you know ?

Saturday, January 25, 2014


The SAMR model is a way of thinking about your use of Technology in the classroom.
It starts with Substitution: i.e. just doing what you would have done anyway, but with technology, then moves through Augmentation and Modification to reach Redefinition.
What does Google Earth allow you to do that would not be possible without it, in an educational context ?
Here's a sheet that you could use to help capture your thoughts and/or discussions.
Aim high...

Friday, January 24, 2014

Wembley way...

I showed the delegates the possibility of adding models from SketchUp into Google Earth.

The SketchUp 3D Warehouse has a range of models, and I showed the WEMBLEY model as an example of what can be added...

ArcGIS Online

Thanks to all those who came along to the GA Google Earth and Beyond course at the Leicester Mercure on Thursday this week.
I demonstrated ArcGIS Online along with Google Earth on the GA course. This is available in free and subscription versions for schools. I am going to be sharing more ideas for this over the next year or so.
Just used ArcGIS to map the POLICE.UK crime figures...
Plot an area around your school.
Go to DETAILED STATISTICS and download the CSV file.
Drag into ArcGIS ONLINE to visualise it instantly....

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Some favourite GE resources

I asked my Twitter network to suggest resources for Google Earth that should really be added to the course because of recent additions or developments.

Thanks to the following folks, for the following suggestions:

Keir Clarke suggested Climate Viewer 3D, which makes use of the Google Earth plug in. Has a range of information in addition to climate data, created in a series of layers...

Limestone Landscapes

A useful model for how to put together a piece of work on Richard Allaway's Geography all the Way site. This particular resource is free access, but others are part of the subscription site, which is well worth subscribing to.

There are several Limestone Landscapes included in the original resource, with a particular focus on a walk through the Yorkshire Dales around the classic Malham round.
Download a Google Earth file with some images and a sheet to go with the walk....