Sunday, June 03, 2007

Updates and Norfolk in high res finally....

New update for June
Just updated to latest version of Google Earth (always good to have an up to date version)
Thanks to Noel Jenkins for reminding me of this update.

The big news though is that there is now high quality imagery of Norfolk on Google Earth, and it includes my home village and the place where I work.
There is one issue though: the age of the images that are used.

The ones of my village are at least 5 years old and possibly nearer 7.

The ones of my school are about the same age, as they show a number of missing details. In fact: one of the tasks I might do with my groups next week is to play a SPOT THE DIFFERENCE game for the local area.

Here is an image of my brother in law's house in Norwich for example - I think that's his car, so they are within the last 5 years or so:Here is one of my house - and some neighbours:And here is one of the school where I work...
There appears to be a missing TESCOS !

Another piece of news on GEARTHBLOG was about a recent Developers' Day where it was announced that Google has acquired PANORAMIO: the source of million plus images in Google Earth.

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