Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Google Earth Update at Norfolk Geography Conference

Will be delivering a session at this conference, which will be held at the Professional Development Centre, Woodside Road, Norwich on the 30th of June.
I will be demonstrating some of the newer features in updates like 4.3

The session will be an update of one that I ran back in 2006 for Norfolk colleagues, when I ran through some of the features.

Here is a video from the Google Earth website which explains some of the new features:

The session is called: "Google Earth: Paths, Polygons and Pedagogy". It will cover a number of areas:
  1. Paths (and fly along) / Tours
  2. Polygons (zoning of areas)
  3. Adding images to placemarks
  4. GE Graph (basic introduction)
  5. How to use some of these features as a GIS type resource
Will post more resources and materials nearer the time. Have a number of other projects to work on before then...

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