Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Wildgoose Vista

Vista” – Our School Aerial Photography

Vista is brand new software from Wildgoose, an update of the “Aerial” software containing colour vertical aerial photography, site-centred on your school together with Land-Line data. The viewer allows the user to navigate around the image in any direction as well as zoom in or out to view the area at different scales.

Students can draw over the top of the photography, creating their own maps by adding symbols, lines, polygons, text and labels. This can be printed out with the photographic data or as a separate layer.

Scale bars, north arrows, and title information are shown.

Students can set up their own projects about the school and the local area to incorporate text, photographs, video and sound into user-generated hotspots.
Ordnance Survey Land-Line data can be overlaid on the photography.

4-6 or 8-figure co-ordinate references are displayed on screen together with Latitude and Longitude.

The software has many levels of functionality which makes it equally

Suitable for primary and secondary schools.

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Had demo of this yesterday. Good introductory GIS for Primary, Middle and Lower Secondary.

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