Sunday, December 11, 2011

Statalogica - first thoughts...

Thanks to @eylanezekiel for leading me to Stratalogica.
Thanks also for the trial account so that I could explore the site and provide this review. You can request a 14 day free trial of your own from the Stratalogica site.
This is a mapping tool based on the Google Earth API, which offers a new option for exploring the world.

"The Learning is in the Layers" according to the strapline... and this makes the connection with GIS work.

There are several videos that you can watch to give a flavour for how the tool works, and plenty of information for first time users. There's also a GETTING STARTED TUTORIAL.

There is no limit to the number of maps you can have in the choosers. Use the Library to change the order in your choosers and for storing content you aren't using this week or this month. We hope you enjoy the new convenience.
The team is happy to see growing use of the StrataLogica Community. The community allows users to search for and discover content created by others. Found something you like? Copy it to your gallery, rate it and add comments, remix it and post it back to the community for others to edit and adapt to their curriculum. Herff Jones | Nystrom is also contributing custom views, lesson ideas and more for all to enjoy. Visit often to see what's new, and don't be shy about sharing.
Be sure you didn't miss these recent features:
Can you find the latest addition to the family of nations? Can you name its capital? What does it look like? What about Sudan, smaller than it used to be now that South Sudan is a separate country? Find out right now on StrataLogica.
We understand the importance of sharing and collaboration in a 21st century learning environment. Many of you who enjoy our sharing and collaboration features asked for the ability to share beyond your school or district. Educators can now share custom views, lessons and presentations using Twitter, Facebook or e-mail. Look for this option in the Action menu.
Users can view historical satellite and aerial imagery. Turn it on by opening your Tool Bar and activating it in Settings. Using historical imagery provides a great opportunity for teaching about then and now, change over time and more. Use it with the Dual-map Viewer for a powerful experience. All these new features are live and ready for you to use. We look forward to learning how they are helping improve your experience with StrataLogica. Be sure to share your feedback while on the site or tweet us @StrataLogica.

Stratalogica is based on the Google Earth API, and depending on your speed of connection, once you start the tool, you will see the base layer load up before it is cloaked in a layer of mapping. There is a range of options for you to add as additional layers, and these are increasing over time as users create new content and share it.

There is a range of base maps which can be added.

Follow Stratalogica on Twitter and you will also get speedy requests to questions.

I shall be posting more on this tool in the next week or so once I get the chance to have a proper play...

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