Sunday, June 10, 2012

Google GeoTeachers Institute

I shall be in Dublin on Wednesday and Thursday this week to attend the Google GeoTeachers Institute. This will be an interesting event, given my long-term association with using Google Earth and other associated 'products' as a teacher and educator.

This goes back to the launch of Google Earth over six years ago. At the time, I got in touch with Google expressing my interest in developing materials, and they gave me a free year's license for the PRO version at the time to explore and play with, and also was successful in being awarded an Innovative Teaching award by the Royal Geographical Society to develop a users guide for Google Earth. I also started this blog at the same time, so it has been going for nearly six years as well.

Over the years since, I've been involved in a range of projects involving Google Earth, including the recent ICT Toolkit books which I edited for the GA, and the continuing work with teachers in my role at the GA, and now as a freelance geographer.
I also produced some resources for the newly launched Google World Wonders project.

Google Earth is still being developed and expanded all the time, and it is still a tool that teachers want to use.
In fact I've got an event in October in my diary when I'm going to be using it with the teachers of Aberdeen and surrounding area.

I'll be interested in hearing about a potential response to Apple's decision to have its own mapping.
Also interested in hearing about Street View Trekker, which is able to be carried into places that cars and trikes can't reach.

If you're coming along to the event too, come and say hi.

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