Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Google GeoTeacher Institute 5 of 5

Just realised I never posted this at the time... sorry about that :)

The final of five posts to sum up my recent experience at the Google GeoTeachers Institute in Dublin.

The London Google GeoTeacher Institute made a little more of the extra projects that Google is involved in related to education. Since the event there have been the announcements of the new Chromebook, and the Nexus 7 tablet, which would both be of interest to educators.

There are various projects linked to Google Earth which you may find useful. The Google Outreach team are active in a lot of places - they were recently at Rio+20.

Using Google Apps ?

The GOOGLE APPS TRAINING CENTRE has a range of resources, which will be useful for anyone thinking of using these with colleagues.

Google WORLD WONDERS is worth a repeat mention - I will be doing a quick introduction to this at a Teachmeet in Cambridge in a few weeks time. Perhaps see some of you there...
I showed this yesterday at a CPD event too. More materials are due to be added.

Richard Allaway has provided some links to some of the resources on Geography all the Way that he has produced that link to the use of Google Earth.

Google Search Training
Google are putting on training during this summer on how to search for information. Many people don't use the advanced search.
Some resources on searching here.

You can sign up for the GOOGLE POWER SEARCHING academy. Register before the first course on the 10th of July. There are 6, 50 minutes sessions online, and a certificate is available for successful completion of the associated tasks...

Thanks once again to the Google Education team for organising the event, and I hope that there is continued support for UK Geographers.... 

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