Thursday, October 11, 2012

Aberdeen Google Earth Day

As well as the GA course on Google Earth and Free GIS that I am leading in London on the 25th, I shall be running two sessions in Aberdeen on the 29th of October
These are on Free GIS in the classroom, and the context for them is the arrival of new qualifications for schools in Scotland called National 5.

I'll be showing some opportunities for using some free GIS tools, and also showing the Digimap for Schools resources that I produced.
It follows on from the Scottish Association of Geography Teachers conference, where I will be leading a workshop which looks at the materials that I produced for using Digimap for Schools.

The context for my workshop at SAGT is the Disney-Pixar film 'BRAVE' which obviously has a strong connection with Scotland, and also with its landscape.

The materials will be able to download after the event...

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