Thursday, June 19, 2014

FieldTrip GB

One of the questions that I had at the recent courses was on the use of fieldtrip apps.
I've had the app on my phone for a while but hadn't explored it, but was prompted to take another look by the question, but also by the work that I saw from Sevenoaks and other schools, who were starting to use it.

The app itself is created by EDINA, who have also created Digimap for Schools.
I wrote the Secondary teaching materials to go alongside the Digimap for Schools platform, and also for their MapStream service (OS maps streamed into a GIS client like QGIS) and am about to start work on the

There is a DESKTOP site to go alongside the app, which can be used to create DATA CAPTURE FORMS. These can be used on the site to capture data at specific points, which can then be exported in KML or CSV format.

I've been experimenting with this, and there are still a few areas I need to explore further to ensure that it works for me....
Here's a form I created for a trip to Sevenoaks tomorrow...

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