Sunday, July 06, 2014

New ArcGIS Online features

A load of new features have been released for use by those who subscribe to (or use) ArcGIS Online.
Check out the summary here on the ArcGIS Blog.

The first of these is the ArcGIS StoryMap Journal App, which I shall write a separate blog post to describe. This is one of my (many) summer holiday projects.

Check the ArcGIS Blog for the details on the new release for July.

There's a LIVING ATLAS OF THE WORLD web app.

There's also the USGS Historical Topographic Map Explorer 

The ESRI Collector App is also improved.
Check this Joseph Kerski video which shows how he used it to collect data in the field on a smartphone.

There's also a new Explorer app for iPad

Add in a range of new analysis tools and other bits and there's plenty to get excited about....
If only I had a long holiday ahead to get to grips with it all...

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