Thursday, September 04, 2014

Geology in Google Earth

More Geology related mapping, this time in Google Earth, via the Google Earth blog.

They are from the MyReading Mapped website, and feature US based examples..

The addition of features such as eskers makes this a useful resource for those studying Glaciation / Fluvioglaciation / Periglaciation at 'A' level...

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Anonymous said...

MyReadingMapped has over 150 documentaries, in the form of Google Maps and associated Google Earth KML files, on historic and scientific events such as famous explorer expeditions, different types of pyramids, ancient ruins, lost cities, fossil sites, biomes, geography of climate classifications, topology of Plate Tectonics, topology of the Thermohaline Circulation, American Revolution and Civil War, WWII battles, the Battle of Waterloo, shipwrecks and plane wrecks seen in Google Map, Ebola and MERS outbreaks and more.