Sunday, January 07, 2007

Google Earth Images

Meant to post about this a while ago, but just playing catch up.
Article in The Observer in November 2006 about how London is gaining an advantage over other cities in the UK (and exerting its primacy ?) because of the quality of images on Google Earth is much better in the capital than in other parts of the country.
London's images have up to date buildings whereas those in Liverpool, Birmingham, Manchester are still without...
In Liverpool, they reckon the images used were taken around 2001, whereas the new Arsenal stadium is visible in London. The Urbis centre is missing from Manchester for example, and neither is the new Bull Ring in Birmingham.
Google Earth spokesperson Rachel Whetstone said:
"We can only update things as soon as we have the data", and they rely on third party external companies for the data.
Keep an eye out for more updates to come.
Remember that Frank Taylor's GEARTHBLOG is probably the best place to look for news of these...

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