Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Ordnance Survey Mapping News

All schools should receive a copy of OS Mapping News twice a year.
The Winter 2006 issue (Issue 31) has just arrived and features a few items of interest for Google Earth users.
There is an article on using Google Earth Plus (an upgrade which costs just $20) and a GPS unit to create and map a historic trail on Cyprus.
There is also an article by Noel Jenkins relating to his San Francisco activity "Visualising a Safer City" which uses Google Earth to look at decision-making related to the location of a new building in the city.
It includes a file to download, and the article gives all the details for working through this tried and tested activity.
There are full details at the JUICY GEOGRAPHY page, from where I borrowed this Google Earth screenshot.
Thanks to Noel for mentioning my GeographyPages Users Guide at the end of the article!

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