Saturday, November 04, 2006

SAGT Presentation Slides 5-8

It's important for me to publicise the support given by RGS-IBG. It was also good to see Judith Mansell, the Education officer present at the conference too, although Parcelforce managed to lose all her materials (twice!)

I held up a copy of the Geographical Magazine from 1994. Except, I discovered that one of the tools that I had access to in the lecture room was a visualiser. Worked well the first time anyway. Recommended purchase for the department I think...
The article refers to someone called Danny, who "can't wait to do his geography homework" because he is able to explore a virtual world...

The Workbooks referred to are available to download by going to GEOGRAPHYPAGES. They are available in Word and PDF format.
Plenty of Generators to add interest are available at the GENERATOR BLOG.

This is a posting on the SLN forum from 2004, where someone wanted to do something which then became possible once Google Earth launched. The SLN forum has plenty of threads relating to Google Earth which have developed over the last 18 months.

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