Saturday, November 04, 2006

SAGT Presentation Slides 33-36

This demonstrates the use of the Athasbasca glacier file I demonstrated in my ragbag of ideas at SAGT 2005 (a sort of precursor of Ollie's presentation this year) - also the old Google search tip of filetype:swf to find the FLASH animations.
I then showcased some excellent images which were provided by Marie Hart of Barnwell School, Stevenage. She took a favela tour of Rocinha in Rio de Janeiro, and I then thought about how to use those to create a favela tour in Google Earth. It also showed the website PERL JAM, which contains hundreds of excellent maps of cities around the world which can also be shown in Google Earth.


Anonymous said...


I'm a student from Brazil and I'm working on a research project about favela tours. We're now working on the tourists's perceptions about tourism in Rocinha and were wondering if you would like to articipate as an interviewer. We could send you the questions (about 15) by email and would appreciate it if you could get ck to us with any suggestions you find useful.

Thank you for your attention,


GeoBlogs said...

I have sent an e-mail with my thoughts on this. I will gladly help in any way that I can..