Friday, November 24, 2006

Image Update and some useful sites for educators

Stefan Geens over at OGLE EARTH has given notice of a recent image update which adds high quality imagery to some areas of the UK as well as some other useful locations - particularly interesting is the imagery of Darfur, plus 6 high-resolution regions in the UK (Bridgend, Cleveland, Dundee, Plymouth, Poole, Rochford)
Check out OGLE EARTH for a detailed lists of sites (including my own page), Noel's etc.

A reminder that Noel has now updated his JUICY GEOGRAPHY page to a nicely set out blog format. Some very good GUIDES to print off (including WINK presentations to demonstrate how to perform some of the tasks...)

Also, over at ROBLOG there is the return of the Autumn leaf colour tracked which I have featured at SAGT for the last 2 years... A good piece of work !

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