Saturday, November 04, 2006

SAGT Presentation Slides 1-4

This quote was up on the screen as delegates listened to the introduction to my session. Thanks to Liz Crisp, who teaches in Aberdeen, and Ken Muir , HMiE who introduced my 2 sessions and also spoke a few words at the end. Thanks also to all those who attended. If you have any further questions, see the GeographyPages website for e-mail details.
The quote was taken from an article with Michael Jones, Technology Officer with Google Earth, and was taken from an article on CNN News site.

The title slide, followed by the aims of the workshop. Notice the mention of 'my favourite price'..

The Photo Jam introduction was played as delegates came in, along with Sigur Ros music, which I've used for some time, but has become synonymous with the Planet Earth series.
To see the presentation without music, go to this online link for a PHOTOJAM view.

I also mentioned this article, which shows President Bush confessing that he uses "the Google"...

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