Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Google Earth Presentation on You Send It

For a limited time, my SAGT presentation (without the annotations on the blog) can be downloaded via YouSendIt.
Get in quick by clicking the link HERE. As Tom Biebrach has said "it's almost like being there", except for the bad jokes and the irreplacable experience of meeting me for real...

Also heard from Quentin d'Souza, who works over in Toronto, Ontario, who has produced a number of interesting resources. He has passed on details of a SLIDE SHARE file which is the first stage of a planned online tutorial for using Google Earth: one to watch.

And finally for this post, over on Juicy Geography, Noel Jenkins has now added FLASH TUTORIALS to his San Francisco Google Earth resource looking at earthquake susceptibility. This is a fine resource. Please support Noel and his work!

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